CURRENT RESEARCH explores multidisciplinary relationships between the vernacular artefact and the contemporary product as derivatives of aesthetics, culture, and technology.
The word artefact implies a historical sense to the objects created and produced by humans whereby the word product connotes something new, something perhaps with only an immediate history. the artefact is not just an object of theory but remains a actual expression of its context. it is a manifestation of intent, idea, culture, technology, society, function, structure and history and media. as john ralston saul states, 'history is not about truth it is about continuity. it is a constant memory.'. as globalization impacts upon this sense of continuity, by interjecting objects without a history or contextual continuity. I use different media to develop an understanding of the balance between how objects exist and coexist as purveyors of history, culture, and aesthetics.
The foundations of this research have been my ongoing interest in technology and into culturally iconic objects as manifestations of idea, memory and meaning. but more recently, it has been my experiences in burma, now known as the union of myanmar. they has heightened my awareness of the indigenous, of the authentic and of the sensory. this unique context and exceptional and diverse culture has revealed a place of gentle dignity and deep respect of their great history yet a place, horrendous from poverty, censorship, and the military rule as the people's non-violent struggle to obtain democracy endures.

It is a living archive of long surviving knowledge of former technological skills where the hand not the machine does most of the work. the research spans beyond the objects upheld as iconic of the culture to those used in the everyday and to the making of everyday objects. there is also a place where the coexistence with post-industrial technologies whose impact upon the culture is beginning to emerge.

It is here that the past becomes an archive in the present, where knowledge and skills span time in the convergence of what was with what is, where continuity is apparent and where the interdisciplinary of the ideas and a range of media used to express and discuss the research are indicative of the complexity and richness is our relationship to things.

Proposal and presented papers

PhD Proposal
Australia National University
L.A. (Maxe) Fisher

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